FAA, CBOs and OMB.119

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FAA, CBOs and OMB.119 Empty FAA, CBOs and OMB.119

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In the sUAS ARC proposal there was a section (2) for a "set of standards established and administered by a community based association"

The basis for this recommendation was the Act "Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities" AKA OMB.119.

Based on OMB.119 neither the AMA nor any other organization could be used as the basis or alternative to regulation.

This Act does not apply to the creation of safety regulations. The law was for manufacturing and inspection standards. Even if the law were to extend to safety regulations, very few organizations meet the requirements, below is listed the major requirements (bolding mine).

a. The term "standard," or "technical standard" as cited in the Act, includes all of the following:

(1) Common and repeated use of rules, conditions,guidelines or characteristics for products or related processes and production methods, and related management systems practices.

(2) The definition of terms; classification of components; delineation of procedures; specification of dimensions, materials, performance, designs, or operations; measurement of quality and quantity in describing materials, processes, products, systems, services, or practices; test methods and sampling procedures; or descriptions of fit and measurements of size or strength.


(1) "Voluntary consensus standards bodies" are domestic or international organizations which plan, develop, establish, or coordinate voluntary consensus standards using agreed-upon procedures. For purposes of this Circular, "voluntary, private sector, consensus standards bodies," as cited in Act, is an equivalent term. The Act and the Circular encourage the participation of federal representatives in these bodies to increase the likelihood that the standards they develop will meet both public and private sector needs. A voluntary consensus standards body is defined by the following attributes:

(i) Openness.

(ii) Balance of interest.

(iii) Due process.

(vi) An appeals process.



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